Wednesday, May 18, 2011

** MSCIT ERA Assistant Problem **

Hello buddy!

You might be surprised to see my new post after a long span of two years. Right !!! Anyway, The best time to start any work is to start it now. So why i am waiting for ? Let us start...

Every time you want to shut down your ERA server (Generally having Windows 2003 Server as an OS), it refused your request and denied to do so. This happened due to ERA ASSISTANT which gets automatically loaded along with OS, when you start computer.

The solution available now is to close ERA assistant using Task Manager and then shut down your computer. It is quite tricky.

I have created a batch file to do the same with smarter way. Here is how:
>> Open notepad.

>> Add the following two lines :

@Echo off
taskkill /f /im era_assistant.exe
shutdown /f /t 5 /s /c "Bye Now !"

Exactly as it appears above. Instead of the message bye now, Of course you can write your own message.
>> Save the file as

Now, Double click on it, and your computer will shut down in normal way.

In Similar fashion you can create a file Restart.bat to restart your ERA Server. Here you go...

@Echo off
taskkill /f /im era_assistant.exe
shutdown /f /t 5 /r /c "Bye Now !"

Note that, instead of /s in shutdown command i simply replace /s with /r to restart.

*** Wish you happy Learning !! ***

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